Ahram for Hajj and Umrah

Price : 1000 PKR

It includes 3D air flow technology alongwith rich cotton yarn that creates very tiny holes during the fabric manufacturing process which helps faster circulation of air in and out of the fabric. THUS making wearing of ahraam the most comfortable ,airy ,light weight and highly sweat absorbant. That's why our Ahraams are highly breathable making them ideal for hot climatic conditions at our holy places... Regular Ahram = PKR 1000 (Without Delivery Charges) Premium Ahram = PKR 1600 (Without Delivery Charges) The package includes: -Re-useable: Water Proof, Sling Bag (Large) with Zip inside -Re-useable: Water Proof, small pouch for pebbles -Miswaak -Tasbeeh (Big= 100 Beads) -Tasbeeh (Small = 7 Beads)

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